Organic Farming – a beautiful way of being with nature

By Poornima Kadanur Krishnamurthy and Anjana Parikh

Have you ever realised how a walk in the forest or just a stroll by the beach can awaken your inner-self and leave you with a feeling of happiness, contentment, and peace. Yes. Our affinity with nature is deep-rooted.

An American architect Frank Lloyd Wright had said, "Study Nature, love Nature, stay close to Nature. It will never fail you."

Centre for Sustainable Organic Farming (C-SOF)/Jaivik Vigyan Kendra (JVK) situated in Denkanikottai in Tamil Nadu, is one place which will give you the opportunity to be close to nature. The center provides extensive hands-on training to farmers, officials, and entrepreneurs on sustainable and organic farming.

The journey is less than two hours drive from Bangalore City.

The serene and tranquil environment that surrounds C-SOF/JVK can easily inspire visitors to get involved in activities related to organic farming or trekking, or nature walks.

As the Center provides an opportunity to get a feel of organic farming, then you can roll up your sleeves and get a hands-on experience in sowing and cultivation of crops and fruits. For example, if you want to learn more about the process of paddy cultivation from sowing the seeds up to threshing (process of loosening the chaff from the grain), then the in-house tour guide will assist you in the process.

After a ‘hard-day’s work’, you may like to indulge in some mouth-watering organic meal.

For that matter, recently harvested rice with a dollop of pure ghee on top and an organic egg will not only satiate your hunger but will also make you crave for more. But you shouldn’t miss the centre’s chicken prepared in a South Indian style or spinach curry made from the freshly plucked palak. And, if you’re visiting the Centre between the months of May and July, then the taste of farm fresh mangoes will compel you to plan for another trip to CSOF/JVK soon.

For those who want to get a feel of rural India, C-SOF is the place you need to visit.

The Center also provides facilities where visitors can collect firewood from the nearby jungle and cook their own organic food in the open air.

Along with adults, C-SOF provides plenty of opportunities for children to learn and be close to nature. Here, they can take a splash in a pond full of water or tend the cattle, or feed the poultry birds. And, if you want to try your hands in making earthen pots, then C-SOF also gives you the opportunity to show your craftsmanship.

One of the features of the Center is that the local farmers are also involved in organic farming practices. These farmers are equipped with organic farming techniques.

At the end of the visit, you’ll realise that a day trip to C-SOF was worth a visit. Apart from being a get-away from the hustle-bustle of urban life, it’s also a learning place where one gets an opportunity to have an insight in to the organic agricultural sector.

What’s in it for you?

Get acquainted with organic farming - try your hand at any of the ongoing farm activities Tasty organic lunch and snacks Stroll around the farm or just relax and recharge Pick a basket of assorted organic vegetables and fruits (upto Rs 100 as our compliments!) For school children (Rs 350 per child) Combine learning with fun, start young - make them conscious of safe food and build concern for the environment. Let the children in cities get a first- hand experience of farming.

Presentation/ film/ quiz on organic farming Tour of the farm and participation in farm activities – sowing, planting, milking, etc. The charge per adult is Rs 650; Rs 350 per child. A small portion of your contribution will go towards the upkeep of the farm. (Transport can be arranged at an additional cost).

Further, if you intend to adopt a quarter-acre plot for four months in the organic farm, then you can grow the vegetables and crops of your choice with the support and help from ICCOA’s technical team.

Perks in store for you

A fun day every month with your family or friends (maximum of 4) with organic lunch and refreshments.

If interested, get your hands in the mud, work with our farming experts and workers, get first-hand experience of various farm activities – ploughing, sowing, weeding, and harvesting

And the deal is, you’ll get organic produce worth Rs 15,000 in the four-month period and the best part is, you can pick fruits and veggies of your choice.

The price for adopting a plot of land at C-SOF is Rs 20,000.

And, if you intend to become a farmer and make a social investment then you can buy or lease land around C-SOF’s training center and grow organic crops. Or, you could be an organic agripreneur and explore dairy farming, bee-keeping, poultry, vermicompost, etc. with the assistance and expertise of C-SOF and the farmers associated with us.

The price structure for this particular scheme is above Rs 1 lakh.

Learn the ropes of organic farming from experts and give wings to the entrepreneur in you Get returns on your investment not only in money, but invaluable smiles from the happy and secure farm families working on your farm

Hassle free farming with ready access to advice from ICCOA experts at all stages – from sowing to selling

So, are you ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of Organic farming?

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