Centre for Sustainable & Organic Farming

Centre for Sustainable & Organic Farming (CSOF) is a training and resource centre for organic and sustainable agriculture. Initiated in June 2015, the centre aims to train farmers and interested stakeholders in organic agriculture and sustainable farming methods and educate people including children about healthy food, conserving environment and biodiversity. It is a model farm mainly focusing on organic fruit and vegetable cultivation and also integrating various components of organic agriculture, livestock like organic dairy, organic poultry, organic fresh water aquaculture, apiculture, watershed, innovative micro-irrigation systems for organic agriculture, on-farm inputs, composting, renewable energy sources like solar powered fencing, irrigation, solar power for farm house and bio gas etc.

A major area of this farm is covered with Mango trees of the varieties Mallika, Badami, Neelam and Sindhura. Turmeric has been a big success as an intercrop in mango garden. Pulse crops like red gram, green gram and black gram, vegetables and fodder crops. There is also an exclusive area for growing Paddy. Rest of the open space is used as vegetable demonstration plots.

C-SOF is a good example for organic farm which integrates agri allied activities in a sustainable and economic way. 7 cows of local and cross breeds generate income through milk production and the residues used for composting and preparation of different kinds of Bio preparations. We also maintain about 100 numbers of egg layers and some desi poultry birds.

CSOF is now developing as a talk in the organic community and the folks visit the farm to relax on their holidays in the natures cradle and also to acquire some knowledge on organic farming.

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